Hammer of the Black Dwarves, Relic of the Duergar

weapon (melee)

+1 Craghammer.

Ability : Wielder of Humhunzan is considered to have the Feat Superior Weapon Proficiency : Craghammer as a free ability.

Omen : When you swing Humhunzan, the hammer discharges harmless electrical sparks.

5th Level : Mark of the Guardian : xxx


Humhunzan is a heavy steel weapon, with ancient dwarven runes running the length of its thick haft. The blunt end of the hammer bears gilt thunderbolts of shining gold. The oversized spike on the other side shines coldly and is itself adorned with a pair of gilt, thunderclouds.

Rumors have hinted that this item can grant its wielder greater powers as they improve their strength and abilities. Secret rituals are required to access these abilities, and it is believed that information regarding these might be found in the library of the Earth Dragon Cult in Slaveport.


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