The Rogue Crypts

Ancient Drow Tomb Caverns


A collection of tomb caves stocked with great wealth and horrible monsters, the Rogue Crypts are known as a way-point along the road between the Least and Lesser Warrens. Though out of the way, the site is believed to be a connection to the surface world near Sentinel, located somewhere in the Dagger Hills.


Largely unexplored by House Outsider, the location is known to harbor powerful creatures of an fallen drow House (believed to be House Rilynzynge, or “The Light Bearers”) that once controlled caverns and a trade empire in the region. Unusual among drow, the nobility of this House interned its dead in tombs, making them unique in burial customs among their people, and hinting at a corruption of their society that may have led to their downfall.

The caves are often sealed tombs with magic and strong stone, and have proven to be rich storehouses of lost treasures, though also guarded by immensely powerful creatures. The survivors of House Morcane are known to have hidden there for some time, exploiting its wealth and relative obscurity during their exile.

The Rogue Crypts

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