The Orog Caves

Realm of the Orog Tribes


Three orog tribes live in these caverns, survivors of the ancient times when the Ilithid Wars raged across the Underdark. All the orog tribes serve as a microcosm of medieval life, with the two smaller tribes (the * Scarshield Orog Tribe and the * Bloodfist Orog Tribe ) acting as vassals to their lead tribe, the * Rageskull Orog Tribe. The “Lost Tribe” of the *Crushbone Orc Tribe are wandering mercenary outcasts from many other tribes, serving anyone who pays them, but they often work closely with the Rageskulls for supplies and to house their limited “dependents”.


The orog of these caves were well-known to once have close ties to the various slaver factions in the Underdark, but are also very insular and seem to serve a deeper, more destructive force. Recent activities have hewn the leadership of the caves from its position, and the * Rageskull Orog Tribe have risen to prominence in the caves.

Formerly tied to the Serpent’s Crown and its ogre warriors, other events have tattered the leadership of The Ogre’s Roost, who have become servants of a distant warlord, known as “The Hellspawn”. As a result, the majority of the clans warriors now serve in a war many weeks’ away, likely never to return…

The Orog Caves

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