The Ogre's Roost

Home of the Serpent's Crown


A central collection of long, massive fissures north of the Orog Caves, the “Ogre’s Roost” often referes to the entire clutch of caverns, but is really the name of its central fortress.

Several smaller tribes of ogres are known to dwell here, including the Bellowers, the Gluttons and the Trappers, but its real strength comes from the ancient tribe, the Ironfists, who dwell in the central fortress and lead its armies. The Ironfists are best known for their shamans and ties to the Serpent’s Crown, a slaver organization that the Ironfists act as its chief representatives, and its primary thugs. Rumor dates its founding to the original Orc Gate Wars that ravaged the dwarven race back into the sunlight, some 500+ years ago.

The ogres of the caverns tend towards simple combat, using their great Ogre shamans to accompany warbands, and the taking of live prisoners has become an important aspect of ogre life. They tend to employ greatclubs almost exclusively, though javelins and thrown stones are also popular in larger formations.


This minor realm is the home cavern of the Ogre’s beholden to the Serpent’s Crown. Known to include several small tribes, such as the Bellowers, the Gluttons and the Trappers, it is led by a large tribe of ogres living in the shell of their ancient fortress in the central caves, the Ironfist Tribe. This fortress, known as “The Ogre’s Roost”, is an ancient delving carved from a central pillar of stone, and is ancient, pre-dating to the early settlement of even drow and dwarven power in the region. Now a shattered hole in the ground, it remains a center of pride and power to the ogres of the Lesser Warrens, and houses the future of their tribes.

Known only to a handful, the Ironfists (and thereby the collected tribes of the local ogres), are loosely led by an ancient Djinni, who was cursed to remain within the lowest cellars. This curse, which can be relieved through the casting of a unique ritual, was cast by a wizard enemy of the Djinni, who employed “The Book of the Damned”, believed to be the “Codex Ilyrium”, rumors of which House Outsider found early in their explorations of the Underdark.

The Ogre's Roost

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