The Moon Mace

Magical relic of the fallen Blackgaard Clan

weapon (melee)

Silvered Mace +1.

Ability : The Moon Mace is treated as a silvered weapon for all attacks and powers used with it as a melee weapon or an implement. (PHB 220)

Omen : The Moon Mace glows with the light of the moon, creating light equal to a torch, at-will, undiminished by combat.

5th Level : Truth of the Mirror : xxx


Rumored to have been the weapon of the Marshal of the Westlaws, the Blackgaard clan took it with them when they split with their kin in Sentinel. The mace itself was lost when the banditry of the Blackgaard clan led to their fortress being stormed by many of the region’s powers, and its leader disappeared.

The mace is forged of beaten dwarvish steel and covered in alchemical silver in a time when lycanthropes ran rampantly throughout the lands. It was enchanted to bear the pure silver light of the moon, and fable tells that no beastly slave to the moon can stand firmly beneath its light.

Rumors have hinted that this item can grant its wielder greater powers as they improve their strength and abilities. Secret rituals are required to access these abilities, and it is believed that information regarding these might be found in the libraries of the Underdark.

The Moon Mace

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