The Hole

Dark Rift into the Shadow Plane


Largely unknown in extent, this region of swampy caves and fungal rot has become host to shadow demons and undead alike, all bent to one purpose; keeping explorers out. Recent exploration of the region (only three days journey by boat from Slaveport), had revealed a force of the Serpent Cult trying to bind something to our reality, which had drawn foul, otherworldy denizens and guardians to take roost within its depths. Most of these creatures have been eliminated, the the region is hardly safe.

Though not fully claimed by House Outsider, they have, nonetheless, spent resources to remove this threat, largely due to its proximity to their own power base, as well as they have followed clues that reveal slaves were formerly brought here with great regularity from Serpent Hold; including Brommik’s lost love, * Journeyman Mage Passara Elventree.


Little is understood about this place, but it has become a well-established fact that it is a nexus that was dragging portions of the Shadow Plane into itself for an (as yet) unknown purpose. The rituals invovled slaves of various sources as “lifebond” victims, though “select” slaves were shipped elsewhere for some other purpose.

Seemingly a large cavern of fungal swamps and spore-filled air, it is strewn with ruins from the surface world and beyond. Deeper in, a great rift has been forged through arcane ritual and ancient blood rites that was warping the very substance of reality; Illuira and Grignak have both become sensitive to these energies, and felt that something particularly abominable and “Other” was trying to breech into our reality.

Now largely devoid of living creatures, its outer swamps were hunted by undead lizard folk known as the “Shadowscales”, though they were largely eradicated by House Outsider. Deeper in, demons and worse scrabbled about tall towers overlooking the impenetrable depths of the Shadow Rift, though these were brought to an end through several expeditions that slaughtered their leader * Explicitica Defilius and her many minions. Her fortress near the center of the rift, an earth mote of pure obsidian, was banished back into the Shadow Plane with the disruption of her priests rituals.

Now, the rift remains two worlds, an outer realm of fungal swamps and rotting stone, and an inner realm of a dark, shadowed rift filled with foul water and mysterious stone ruins. The denizens of the inner and outer regions were largely eradicated on a subsequent expedition, and now the area lies abandoned and empty… except for whatever might lurk in its shadows…

The Hole

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