Repeating Crossbow

weapon (ranged)

+2 Proficiency

d8, R 10/20, 35 gp, 6 lbs

Group : Crossbow

Property : Load Free

A rectangular magazine attaches to the top of this crossbow. A double-action lever drops a bolt into place as a free action, then fires it as a standard action. A repeating crossbow does not need to be reloaded as long as it has ammunition in its magazine. A magazine costs 1 gp and holds 10 bolts. It takes a standard action to remove an empty magazine and load a new one.


Recovered from the wererat bandits who were terrorizing the locals in Sentinel, these crossbows were marked with a strange symbol no one is able to identify, an upright sword wrapped in a chain.

It has become apparent that this item has been manufactured by duergar and is often seen employed by their allies and trade partners.

Repeating Crossbow

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