Inathi Ochelpa

weapon (melee)

Powers : +1 Longsword.

Ability : When casting the Endure Elements ritual with Inathi as the focus, there is no component cost.

Omen : When you swing Inathi in battle, it emits a sound like the winds.

5th Level : Enduring Vigor : xxx


The delicate elven letters etched into the polished blade proclaim this sword to be named “Inathi Ochelpa”, and that it was forged of elven hands in Loth Ladin to protect elven forests. This gleaming steel blade bears a barely-perceptible leaf shape, and a shallow, graceful fuller runs almost the entire length of the blade. Thick strands of gold form a twisting braid for the grip, and their ends encase at the pommel an emerald of deepest green. The exquisitely balanced sword is not quite as heavy as a traditional blade.

Rumors have hinted that this item can grant its wielder greater powers as they improve their strength and abilities. Secret rituals are required to access these abilities, and it is believed that information regarding these might be found somewhere in the greater libraries of the Underdark.

Inathi Ochelpa

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