Eye of the Serpent

Relic of the Serpent Cult


Power : Orb of Far Seeing +1

Ability : Gain a +1 Item bonus to ranged basic attacks.

Omen : The Eye glows with a deep orange light, causing the square its wielder is in to spread light equal to a candle in intensity.

5th Level : Blood of the Serpent : xxx


The Eye of the Serpent is a yellow-orange orb the size of a large hen’s egg. It is known to be capable of exerting its influence over the minds of others, and is rumored to be a powerful divination device.

Taken from the upper lair of the Earth Dragon Cult in Slaveport, it is known to be a powerful relic of that cult, and it is likely they will do all in their power to retrieve it from the pillaging adventurers that stole it.

Rumors have hinted that this item can grant its wielder greater powers as they improve their strength and abilities. Secret rituals are required to access these abilities, and it is believed that information regarding these might be found somewhere in the greater libraries of the Underdark.

Eye of the Serpent

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