Dylvwyllynn - City of Fountains

Shattered City at War


Once a magnificent underground city, its exact location has been lost over time. The city was damaged by an earthquake and abandoned. Unsavory creatures took up residence, and the constant warfare of the new denizens sealed most of its entrances to elsewhere in the Underdark.

The city that remains has multiple levels, though they are centered on the vast lake of the deeps that once provided water trade through the “Vistula” and beyond across the Vast Deeps of the Sea. In addition to a handful of drow (of unknown loyalties) and kuo-toa, there are wandering bands of duergar who claim the city as their own. Various other fell beasts lair here and there, keeping everyone aware of potential over-powering death from the shadows at any moment.


Dylvwyllynn - City of Fountains

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