The Great Eye

Former leader of the "Gnolls of the Eye"


An “Eye Tyrant” of some power, “The Great Eye”, has been stripped of allies and resources, and lurks near the community of Slaveport, planning…


Little is known about “The Great Eye”, beyond the obvious. A beholder of some power, he (she?) had established itself in relative comfort in a corner of Slaveport, using a tribe of enslaved gnolls (the Gnolls of the Eye )to bring it booty and protection while it winds its personal agenda in the town.

The arrival of * House Outsider to Slaveport upset all its plans. First it removed the ruling Serpent Cult and took power over the town, and eventually assaulted its hold in Salveport proper, forcing it to flee and scattering its followers.

It presently lurks somewhere nearby, planning revenge and its eventual return to the community…

The Great Eye

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