The Fleshripper Tribe

Goblin Vassals of House Outsider


The Fleshripper Tribe is noteworthy for their sharp eyes and keen features; they favor javelins and spears over most weapons, preferring to stay at range and gang-up on prey rather than close and risk death. The majority are familiar with the access stairway leading to the “Upper Warrens”, where their Masters, the PCs lair, and all of them fear entering that stairway and facing the wrath of their new Masters.

Small groups often range through the nearby tunnels in search of prey, but most spend their time foraging among the nearby mushroom gardens of gooberry and other foodshrooms. They produce an edible sporebread, but excel at producing limited amounts of gooberry wine and sporecheese.

The tribal symbol is a crimson claw on a black background.


A tribe numbering over two dozen goblin warriors, with a small number of females and kits. Their leader, one Husnok, is a veteran of the Underdark and a survivor from “The Time of the Burning She-Witch”, when adventurers put their entire tribe to the torch, and he was able to only save a handful from the old tribe.

The tribe has a bugbear slave named Hrezek, and many goblin slaves recently given to them by the great Masters and their leader, the “Demonic Mouth of the Burning She-Witch”. They also have access to a mercenary hill giant youth by the name of Shorn the Mercenary.

The tribe pays fealty to the House Outsider, in the form of whatever their Masters want, though they seem to collect mostly gooberry wine…

The Fleshripper Tribe

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