Dawn Rock Clan

Dwarven Clan on the Edge


The Dawn Rock Clan are a disciplined and businesslike group, they know they have been targetted by various groups, but remain firm in profitting from their soujurn in this region. Numbering about two dozen, they roam freely throughout their cave, particularly among the rubble field along the north wall, pulling their two carts and working the rubble for minerals. Fighting with skill and determination, they manage to break into pairs using their crossbows and invariably driving invaders off from their new home.

The dwarves call their home “Vulcan’s Gorge”. They are led by Clan Chief Galadin and his Master Forgewright Arin Toldash. War Master Farhorn, the leader of the militia is also referred to as “Bearer of the Grindingstone of the Dawn”.

The dwarves are armed with hammers, crossbows and wear bronze scale armor (showing that they are not especially wealthy), and heavy bronze shields. The clan is in need of a constant fresh supply of bolts, cloth and regular foodstuffs, in the form of sporebread and other staples. Among their numbers are a handful of dwarven maidens and a tiny number of children, though the majority of the clan is able to take up arms in their defense. They maintain about 5 weeks supply of rations and water in the Gorge is never a problem.

Among the other resources available to the clan, are a herd of forty-three Giant Scarab beetles, black-shelled insects that graze among the deposits of bat guano and lichen that dot the cavern. At any given moment, one or more beats their wings in a frenzy and their abdomens flare up with a white-hot light, illuminating the entire cavern. These creatures are slaughtered and their meat cooked to supplement their diet on a regular basis. As a side power, they tend to keep many of the otherwise dangerous denizens of the Underdark away, and undead positively hate the cave.

There are several other members of the clan in Greysmere, though they are a relatively minor clan with little political clout or power. Once larger and far more prosperous, their surface holdings were lost in the great orc wars from a few centuries ago. This family of the clan has chosen to dig deep into the earth, searching for wealth that is easier to claim and hold than in the depths of Ashenvale. They are slowly succeeding in their efforts.

Dawn Rock Clan

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