Fearsome elite riding beast of the Underdark


A rare riding beast, known as a Varactyl, it is used only by elite members of Drow Houses. Considered a mark of success among drow for its ownership and taming, this beast is ridden with great pride by Brommik, and he wields its strength whenever he can, as it adds not only to his physical abilities, but his political status, as well, as “Battle Champion” of House Outsider.


A strong creature raised by a champion of the fallen Rageskull Orog Tribe, Slithertooth is an elite riding beast traditionally reserved for Drow nobility. Captured and raised by the fearsome orog *Garunder, it was conscripted by Brommik when House Outsider eradicated the bulk of the Orog warriors of the tribe.

Slithertooth is a fearsome addition to Brommik’s arsenal in combat.


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