Shorn the Mercenary

Hill Giant Youth Mercenary


Shorn – Hill Giant Mercenary

Male Natural Brute 8
Unaligned Hill Giant Youth
Init -1, Senses – Perception +4
Languages – Deep Common, Giant

AC 20
HP 102
Fort 22, Ref 13, Will 14

Speed 8
Melee – Greatclub – Reach 2; 14 vs AC; 2d64 damage
Ranged – Javelin – 10/20; 5 vs AC; d84 damage
Atk OptionsHurling Charge (Encounter) Make a javelin attack followed by a charge attack

Combat Gear – Hide Armor, Greatclub, 12 Javelins

Str 21, Dex 8, Con 19, Int 6, Wis 10, Cha 17
Feats – Weapon Focus (Greatclub)
Skills – Athletics +9, Dungeoneering +5, Stealth +4.

A hill giant youth, somewhat stooped and hunched from years of crawling through small tunnels. He wears a great rotting cavebear hide as armor, and a large backpack serves as his belt bag. He is armed with a large iron-spike and flint studded greatclub, and a sheaf with many large javelins. He still wears the massive iron manacles and neck-ring from his slave years, stamped with the symbol of a diamond on a spider-web.


A hill giant youth who spent most of its childhood raised by “purple-cloaks” to be a murderous brute. They succeeded somewhat, though his desire for sleep and solitude has kept many of the worst activities to a minimum.

Shorn was not born evil; he was made that way. Left alone and lost from his kin, he has become rather solitary and secretive. He can hibernate for days on end without making a sound. Shorn is an effective weapon of war, capable of sweeping away ranks of soldiers with broad strokes of his greatclub. He is a scavenger, a loner and a nomad. He inspires fear in those who pass him, and terror in those who cross him.

Captured in his early childhood, Shorn underwent years of humiliation and depredation, facing constant submission from his malevolent captors. He was sold to a duergar warlord from Pedestal, who promptly sent him into the Warrens with a band of warriors. When the unit he was with was slaughtered by a pack of hook horrors, and he fled to the relative safety of the Upper Warrens, eventually finding a home in the caves in the Rushing Cavern.

Shorn has grown curious about the Underdark in the years he has lived here, but his “little friends” have assured him that there are many dangerous horrors deeper away from the safety of their warren. Nonetheless, he has begun to wander rather widely, seeking something that will give his life more meaning. Still young as a hill giant he has become a stealthy and proficient hunter, remaining rather unaligned in his views of the world, though perhaps a little cruel from his experiences as a slave and exposed to his friends the goblins and other creatures of the Underdark.

Shorn spends his week sleeping for days at a time, and when moved, fishes from the chasm stream, harvests fungus from the lower levels (since the current does not affect him), and begs for food from his “friends” in the caves above. Otherwise, he searches for materials to make himself new javelins and tools. He has gotten rather wealthy serving the goblins as a mercenary whenever anything pokes around their lair, though he has no understanding of the actual worth of the coins they give him; they’re all pretty and he values copper the same as gold.

Given a friendly demeanor, he is likely to accept service with the PCs as easily as with the goblins, if given incentive in food, coins or properly sized “civilized” weapons.

He keeps several large javelins with him “…like his friends…” meaning the goblins, and bears an iron and stone studded greatclub. He wears a great rotting cavebear hide as armor. His bag holds several throwing stones, a few flint tools and “his book”; a Ritual Scroll of Endure Elements, with fanciful drawings and elemental imagery throughout. He adorns himself with hides, armor and tools gathered from the caverns. Shorn still wears his massive iron shackles as a reminder of why he now fights.

Shorn can be bribed for 20 gp or more to leave the PCs alone. If he encounters them again, he will demand another bribe or he’ll catch and eat them. If PCs can befriend him in their first encounter (usually through an offer of good food and some sort of treasures), he’ll tell all about himself and his neighbors, admitting he knows little about the rest of the world. If extra-ordinary efforts are made, he can be recruited as a soldier in an underdark army. Getting him to abandon his home would take even more effort.

Shorn the Mercenary

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