Scarshield Orog Tribe

Vassal Orog Tribe of the Orog Caves


Allied closely with the Bloodfist Orog Tribe, this small tribe of orog are another remnant of the fallen Orog city of Kal Antherak. The locals are armed with hide armor, heavy shields, mangs and braces of daggers.

Led by the massive orog Urgosh, reputed to be of troll blood, the tribe can put together only a couple warbands, but given their propensity for remaining close to their home caves, this is rarely a burden. They pay tribute (usually in the form of a warband for raids and some choice loot) to the Rageskull Orog Tribe, who rule the overall region around their caverns.


Urgosh is notoriously given to violent rants and is used to having his own way. He does, however, possess an almost animalistic sense of cunning and is often prone to long brooding session with his chosen mates, followed by a flurry of activity.

Closely allied by blood-kin and efforts to raid together, the orog of the scarshields are commonly encountered with an equal number of their kin in the Bloodfists, and their leaders seem to be on very amiable (for orc tribes) footings.

The tribe and its leader have not yet formed an opinon of the rise of Garundaryek to the crown and leadership of the allied orcs and orog in the region. It is likely, Urgosh will simply let matters continue on however they may, while he and his quietly amass position and wealth.

Scarshield Orog Tribe

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