Rikar the Seer

Minotaur Ritual Caster and sometime Sage


An 8’-tall, broad-shouldered Tauri (Minotaur) from deeper in the Underdark, Rikar the Seer is well-known in the community of Slaveport. He decorates his horns with gold rings, and always wears worn, if brightly ochre-dyed wool robes. Generally peaceful he ius given to negotiation before combat, but has a reputation as a powerful arcanist who can handle himself at need with a repetoire of fire and frost spells.

A scholar, he is known for his interest in magical rituals, artifacts and other arcane lore. Thrilled to study such objects, he happily identifies and sahres their origins for a small fee. He is always bearing his silver staff, a magical wand of some sort, and is known to specialize in destruction magicks. His knowledge of rituals in the region of the Lesser Warrens is unparalleled.


Littel is known about his origins, but given that most Tauri range in the mountains hundreds of miles north of Sentinel, his presence hints that he might be trying to avoid something. He is known to have a cave somehwere near Slaveport, but is a canny creature and no one has ever tracked him to his lair. A scholar and a wizard, he has a reputation for his travels to nearby enclaves, searching for new lore about arcane magicks and in the rare locations of the Underdark that warrant closer investigation.

Rikar the Seer

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