Rageskull Orog Tribe

Lead Tribe of the Orog Caves


The Orog (also known as Deep Orcs) are a powerful race of orcs, whose time spent in the lightless depths has made them stronger, smarter and far more cunning than traditional orcs. They are known to be habitual raiders, and are vene more aggressive as a species than their common kin. Delighting in blood-letting and pillage, they seemingly live for battle, and are hardy and nearly fearless enough to live up to this trait.

The orog cannot be reasoned with, and they give very little mercy to prisoners or enemies. Typically found in small bands of their own kind, it is not unheard of them to ally with ogres and trolls. They fiercely hate goblins, dwarves, humans and elves, viewing the “Surface” world as their own version of the Elemental Planes.

Orog traditionally travel in warbands of 6-8 warriors, they wear hide and crude leather armor, wielding either a massive bardiche and javelins during open war, or longbows and cruel iron mangs when they are involved in quick raids.Especially powerful war chieftains will have a handful of witchdoctors about to enforce the will of their god Gruumsh, and are ever looking for opportunities to sate their tribe’s bloodlust and desire for war.


The Rageskulls are an orog tribe in decline. Mostly ravaged by House Outsider, they then suffered betrayal at the hands of their chief priestess who rebelled against their choice of Agrik as their patron; the human god of war, vengeance and volcanoes. The handful of orog warriors that remain are loyal to their new “Queen” Garundaryek, an orcish priestess of Luthic, the Goddess of Fertility and Community.

The new order within the Rageskulls is now a shell of its once powerful status. Essentially ruled by the *Crushbone Orc Tribe, the remaining members of the tribe are bound to follow their Queen’s lead and depend on the strength of their Crushskull allies, or risk losing everything to infighting. While Garundaryek walks the tight line between life and death as the new ruler of the Orog Caverns, she knows that unity among her kin is the only thing that will keep them all alive.

The tribe is still able to enforce its will over their vassals, the * Scarshield Orog Tribe and the Bloodfist Orog Tribe. These two tribes are much smaller and remain willing to pay tribute and warriors to raids as long as they see no shift in the Rageskulls strength. Recent efforts by House Outsider, however, have made them question the value of continued subdugation…

Rageskull Orog Tribe

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