Pack Guar

Simple and small pack beasts of the Underdark


Small and agile, the Guar is a popular pack beast among drow merchants, and its use has spread to duergar and orog tribes for small convoys, though they tend to prefer the larger, more traditional pack lizard.

Generally docile, the beasts only attack if harmed or provoked, preferring to run and hide from danger.


Often seen in small caravans as lines of half a dozen, these beasts are valuable for their relative docility and ease of training. The creatures are popular among small traders and drow raiding parties, due to their relative speed of travel and ability to get into even small tunnels.

When encountered in the wild, they tend to gather into small packs, avoiding bright lights and loud noises. They are easily captured and easily broken to carry packs, provided they are not abused or harmed, and willingly carry large loads if fed regularly. They prefer fresh, raw meat (rat is a common food for them), but accept spore grain in large quantity as a replacement for a time.

Pack Guar

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