Nari-lana Daerindra

Nomadic Courier of the Underdark


Nara-Iana is a nomadic courier, who wanders the tunnels of the Greater Warrens and the Drow Borderlands, trading information for food and lodging. She is well-known by locals, but tends to avoid travellers, and has become something of a well-known accepted Outsider.


Nara-lana, a half-drow genasi stormsoul swordmage. A drifter, she is dressed in fairly clean rough-spun clothing. Raised by drow to be a warrior in House Kor, she haunts the Greater Warrens and Drow Borderlands tunnels, avoiding locals and trying to stay above the petty politics of her kin. She is known as something of courier by the drow of the region, and confident in her strength, she travels between settlements trading information for food, and sometimes bringing missives between individual drow relatives.

Nari-lana is very informed about matters in the region, and generally begins any encounter with questions and conversation, rather than attack. She is always willing to get new information, and happily trades facts for new facts. She has a good reputation, and is able to travel among even the most foul or fair of the region, dispensing information and letters freely.

Nari-lana Daerindra

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