The Mysterious Bandit Lord

Mysterious bandit lord of the Underdark, and follower of the Serpent Goddess, Explicitica Defilius


The Mysterious Bandit Lord is best known for using his scourge and large mace. He is well known to use shadow abilities and maintain contact with a strange “fawn-like” force of creatures that can employ shadow abilities as well. He seems very powerful, and has many resources at his command.


This terribly mysterious figure has been encountered twice by the PCs, once as the leader of an attempted assassination for “The Mistress”, and once as a seer of some sort in the Serpent Hold, where he displayed some arcane knowledge before escaping. He is believed to have taken the corpse of “The Mistress”, Lady XXX from the PCs rooms at the Dark Man. No one seems to know very much about him in any case, nor his agenda.

The Mysterious Bandit Lord

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