Lady Ravenhair

Matron of the Blessed Woods


“The Lady” (as she is often referred to by local Galanite worshippers) is a female elf of stunning beauty, with amber-glowing tresses, and wearing a simple wool tunic of colors appropriate to the season. She always wears a long cloak of fine winter-wolf fur, and bears an ornate longsword with a handle of horn and a green stones on its pommel and hilts at her belt in a simple leather scabbard.

Senior priestess of the goddess of Nature and the Wilds, Galana, Lady Ravenhair has been changed through arcane means to the glorious vision she presently appears as. The victim of months of torture and shame at the hand of the former Thane of the Westlaws, she was changed by a shard of Warphit into the creature seen today. She keeps watch over the local region, including the Dimholt Woods, the Iron Rock Ridges and the Dagger Hills in her desmense. Politically, she is neautral, though supportive of the present regime, and her word can rally hundreds of hardened huntsmen and trackers to any cause she deigns to support.

Lady Ravenhair

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