Lady Arthas Markessa

Former "Mistress" of the Serpent Hold


A powerful channeler of Shadow magicks and cleric of Invis.

She was last seen as a corpse being held for questioning in the deeper mysteries of the Cult, but her corpse has since disappeared…


A noted noblewoman from Baud Selen, the Lady Arthas Markessa is powerful and beautiful, prone to wearing extravagent robes of spider silk and embroidered in silver threads. She has a “tom girl” side to her as well, though, and can as easily don silken “adventurers” garments and tromp through cave and tunnel in pursuit of her most important virtue; power.

Arrogant, she is used to having her own way, using feminine wiles, hard coin or threats of violence to get what she wants. If faced with a position where she gets nothing, she will likely give nothing, since she understands her past has damned her in more than one way. She is known to keep several factions at bay, in order to rise in standing with as many as possible, and the labrynthine politics of her allies and enemies is rather extensive.

Lady Arthas was known as “The Mistress” of Serpent Hold, holding a status equal to a priestess in the Serpent Cult and profited greatly from the slave trade leading deeper into the Underdark.

The Lady is also a minor slavelord of the “Iron Ring”, an infamous organization of slavers often found associating with the Tulwynese pirates and the Agrikans of Baud Selen. It has been rumored they had contacts in the Underdark, though how extensive these might be and towards what purpose, remains unknown.

She has also been proven to be allied strongly with House Vrama, holding a minor Sigil of that House, and hinting that she was playing at more than one agenda with so many ties in the Underdark.

Lady Arthas Markessa

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