Journeyman Mage Passara Elventree


Passara is a young girl in her late teens. The source of numerous random mishaps early in the Regency, Passara was placed under the training of Malferic (the court mage) to learn control over her powers. She is the daughter of Labhruinn Elventree, a local free farmer.

She resides with her master in the castle Undergarth, often accompanying him on his journeys. Noted Storm Sorceror, and skilled in diplomacy and history.

Known to few openly, she is also the close friend of the Tiefling knight, Brommik.

Update : “Passi” was recently captured and taken through the Serpent Hold some ten-days ago by the cult. The reasons for this “raid” on the surface lands are not fully known, but it has been proven they were targetting Sentinel Castle’s Acolyte of Larani and a visiting knight as well, slaying both and taking several other servants and others back into the underdark. Access was undetermined, but later investigations showed the local shrine of Nolom had been corrupted and taken over by Serpent Cultists some time ago, and that they were involved in kidnapping small traders, tinkerers and children into Slaveport… Just how deeply this goes has yet to be determined…

Update : Recent investigations have revealed “Passi” was taken further and deeper into the Underdark than originally thought. The Serpent Cult, using agents found among the Ogres of the The Ogre’s Roost had taken her at the behest of other, deeper and far more insidious powers. Suspicion has now fallen on the “Aboleth”; a race of primal creatures from the Far Realm, who are intent on enslaving all life in the non-Elemental Planes. Why she was taken seems to revolve around the “potential” she had as a “wild caster” sorceress of some power.

Journeyman Mage Passara Elventree

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