* Drow House - House Outsider

Outsiders from the Overworld


The united force of the PCs various allies and assets is called “House Outsider”. A growing power in the Underdark, the House has a small (if valuable) community near access to the Overworld town of Sentinel. This proximity to the potential for trade, combined with its position near many deeper tunnels to the Underworld, has made it a location with great promise, something that the members of House Outsider have recently decided to exploit.

Through its efforts, House Outsider has managed to claim the following territories and fortresses in the Least and Lesser Warrens of the Underdark:

Slaveport : The heart of House Outsider’s strength, this small trade town has become almost completely under the thrall of the House, paying tribute and allowing the House to control almost all aspects of its military and trade. Within Slaveport, The Serpent Hold has become a strong bastion of House power, its defenses manned by the Dawn Rock Clan, and spreading its influences throughout the nearby caves.

The Orog Caves : Distant and largely unexplored, this is the heart of orc & orog power in the Lesser Warrens. It tribes loosely forced into the vassalage of House Outsider, this House now can lay claim to its resources and manpower should they choose to yolk its strength in their own efforts. The House knows of a hidden safehouse along the route nearby, known as “Hlethveg’s Stores”, that is useful as a waypoint for caravans and travellers.

The Rogue Crypts : Located some distance from Slaveport, but along the route to the Orog Caves, this site is important as a lay-over for travellers who take the long road into the Lesser Warrens. It seems most Underdark denizens avoid the site, making it a practical safehouse for House Outsider and its trade caravans.

The Hole : Though still a work in progress, House Outsider has made its move to explore this stain in the Underdark, and have begun to eradicate its many powers and creatures. A bastion of the Serpent Cult, its dark master purposes for being here are nearly in the full light of House Outsider’s knowledge…

The Ashlands : Though only in its initial stages, House Outsider has engaged in a trade agreement with this relatively close cavern, and its lead trade clan of dwarves, Ashlands Clan.

The House also can count on the strength of the following allies and vassals:

The Fleshripper Tribe : Forced into subjugation with the defeat (but not slaughter) of most of its warriors, this tribe willingly pays tribute to its “New Masters”.

Dawn Rock Clan : Assisted in various ways, the dependents and a handful of warriors from this dwarvish clan have taken refuge in the House Outsider base of the Serpent Hold. They provide many basic services to the House, and have become, with time, virtually allied to the House through casual absorption. While they might not openly admit to it, they are members of House Outsider.

Rageskull Orog Tribe : The bulk of the warriors from this tribe, and many of its vassals from Crushbone Orc Tribe, faced slaughter at the hands of House Outsider. They are not formally allied, but the surviving tribes willingly offered their services as mercenaries to House Outsider, and through them, allow the House to yoke the strength of their own vassals; Bloodfist Orog Tribe, and Scarshield Orog Tribe.

Drow House – House Morcane : More associates than full allies, this House has become dependent upon House Outsider for protection from the darker forces seeking its destruction in the Drow Borderlands. Although not to be trusted completely, they have treated House Outsider with respect and have become its primary source of knowledge about drow culture, local history and its hidden dangers.


The origins of “House Outsider” come from soon after the group met. First meeting to eliminate a rat infestation in the supply cellars of the castle in Sentinel, they have since gone on to become powerful collection of individuals that are able to compliment each others strengths and weaknesses… though only when they remember.

House Outsider’s membership consists of:

Brommik : Lead of the group, if only because his passions are implacable, and he is basiclly good… mostly… Brommik has recently gained powers from the Shadow Plane, and unofficially bears the title “The Dusklord”. He carries the ancient elven relic Inathi Ochelpa. He is often seen with his pet guardian Dogmeat at his side, and rides the fearsome beast Slithertooth into combat and along the endless tunnels of the Underdark.

Domingo Colo : Personal confessor to Brommik, and Priest of the Order of the Winged Lion, Colo works well in being Brommik’s conscience. He bears the relic, The Moon Mace, though he knows it is really the symbol of another goddess, and sees it merely as something of a “loan”. While still searching for rumors of the “Codex Ilyrium”, he has become a bright blade of terror among the enemies of House Outsider.

Grignak : Wielder of the relic Eye of the Serpent, and master of psionic combat in the growing darkness of the land. His knowledge of arcana has been tested of late, and his senses of an impending doom are beginning to awaken the deeper he travels into the Underdark… Grignak has become something of a pack rat, and is always accompanied by at least a pair of Pack Guar at all times, usually hauling a ten-day’s rations, water and any treasure or trade goods the House comes upon.

Illuria : Although possessing the relic Alkarg, Illuria disdains it. A psionic warrior and the unit healer. Similar to Grignak, Illuria has begun to sense a growing unease about the depths of the Underdark, hinting at the taint of things from beyond the veil… Illuria has recently picked-up a companion warrior, Galaron the Mercenary, who guards her back and fights in a similar fashion as herself.

Vani Ander : Although not in possession of a relic, at present, he fights with grim determination, striking where he can. He has become a fearsome rogue, using his knives both in ranged and melee combat to great effect, and is in the process of establishing a “Trade Guild” with the surface world, to increase the political and financial power of House Outsider. Bound in many ways to his companion Maple, he seems to both adore and fear her, at times.

* Drow House - House Outsider

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