Drow House - House Morcane

Fallen Drow House


Once scions of a great Drow House situated on the edge of the Drow Borderlands, these survivors are still a strong group and loyal to a the memory of their once great family.

Tierak is a noted priest of some unknown (though doubtless evil) goddess of the dark. She is also the House Matron, despite her younger years.

Kisrak younger brother to Tierak, he is a middling mage, with access to a ritual book, and has few pretenses that his position is very good. Kisrak has recently entered into a contract with Grignak to provide potions for the holding and House Outsider, though his sister is unaware of the arrangement.

House Morcane Guards : A handful of Morcane guardsmen survived the assault, and remain loyal to the memory of their once great House. Each is armed with traditional hand crossbow, rapier, drow chain armor and admantine shield. They willingly throw their lives away to defend their matron.

The House also has a couple “spider-like” humanoid servants and a pair of “Watchspiders” as guards. They presently lair in the Guest Chambers of the lower halls in Serpent Hold.


Originally encountered by the PCs as a “House Morcane Hunting Party”, they traded with the PCs as “House Outsider”. House Morcane, known in the Drow Borderlands for its mage school, strong stone giant thrall soldiers and extensive farmlands, has held “The Gate” to the Drow Deeps for centuries, profiting from trade and its fearsome reputation.

Rumor, however, has reached the PCs that this House has been struck by a cayaclysm, and the handful of survivors they encountered in the Rouge Crypts, are all that remains of this once mighty House. The PCs have heard that there is some sort of war brewing in the Borderlands, but the details of this rumor have yet to be seen in full light. The House Matron has befriended the PCs and accepted their offer of a “trip” to Slaveport, to stay as honerd guests at their holding of Serpent Hold.

They presently assist House Outsider in selling their collection of cloth trade goods, taken from Hlethvig’s Hold near the Orog Caverns.

Drow House - House Morcane

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