Gnolls of the Eye

Gnoll Marauders


Formerly a band of gnoll mercenaries who hired their services as enforcers to any who would pay them, the gnoll marauders were attacked in their bastion of the old House Cadorna trade halls, and had their power destroyed. House Cadorna, an extinct drow house that held some power as silk weavers and traders, were eradicated during the original assault that slaughtered all the citizens of Slaveport.

During the House Outsider assault on their compound, it became obvious the gnolls of this tribe worshiped a large beholder, known simply as The Great Eye. The creature tried to aid its followers, but careful use of powerful magicks turned it to stone and it was forced to flee some minutes later, finding itself alone and without any guards.

A handful of gnolls managed to escape out a secret entrance, mostly pups and a few female guards. It is presumed they have wandered off into the depths of the Underdark, seeking a new hold to start over. Their fortress is now known as Firebrand Hall, a burgeoning shrine for Larani and the Order of Avarkiel.


The gnolls appeared in the city of Slaveport about 30 years ago, and seem to be of diverse origins and tribes. They have claimed no single tribal banner or name, but refer to themselves as the “Chosen” and defer their concerns to the shaman that leads them, known simply as “The Great Eye”.

Since the loss of their fortress and most of their warriors, the tribe has disappeared into the trackless wastes east of Slaveport, though most assume they will not stay wandering for long…

Gnolls of the Eye

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