Galaron the Mercenary

Human mercenary of Slaveport


Little is known about Galaron, though he seems capable as a fighter and works cheaply. He was recently equipped by his “Lady” Illuria, with magic armor, magic weapons and is very loyal to her orders and protection.


A well-known mercenary from the surface, Galaron was the survivor of a failed adventuring party that plumbed into the depths of the upper levels of the Underdark. The group managed to enter the Least Warrens near Sentinel, and quickly made their way into Slaveport through the goblin-infested western reaches of those caves, before encountering a “War Party” of ogres from the “Crimson Crown” slaving group. He only managed to escape because his fellows died before he did…

He has managed to survive by selling his services to shop-keepers in the markets at Kuto’s Pool in Slaveport, and even sold off most of his armor and weapons to feed himself. He now is well-armed and armored, and well-paid for his efforts, and has great loyalty to House Outsider.

He is known to keep a small “Rathole” near the market in Slaveport, but usually spends his time at the Serpent Hold when in town.

Galaron the Mercenary

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