Forgia Chase

Contact to Sentinel's Black Market


Forgia is a well-known guide and contact for those who are seeking or deal in black market and other rare goods in Sentinel. Rumor has it if you need something, or want to talk to someone, Forgia knows them or can introduce you to someone who has it.

She has curly brown hair that she keeps cropped short and uneven using her dagger. Her face is a constant layer of dirt and her speech isn’t much cleaner. Although she is young in age, if you look into her eyes, you’ll realize she has experience beyond her years. Her equipment betrays her skills, if anyone ever gets a chance to see behind the shadows she tends to lurk in and the thick cloak she wears.

Update : Rumor has placed Forgia as having been kidnapped and taken into the deeper Underdark through the Serpent Hold. The reasons for this are not exactly clear…

Forgia Chase

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