Explicitica Defilius

She-goddess of Slaveport, and Mistress of the Earth Dragon Cult


“Her chin raised and eyes narrowed in impervious scrutiny, this cold beauty accentuates her pale skin and finely toned curves with the scant jewelled fineries of a harem queen. Below her exposed midsection, though, all hint of woman vanishes, morphing into the powerful, deadly sleekness and iridescent black scales of a coiled asp.”

Consumed in biterness, vice, and predatory instincts, Explicitica Defilius was revealed to be more than a simple mastermind of all manner of foul plots, she was nearly the goddess she proported to be. Possessing a serpent’s body, she was able to move with shocking ease from silken-tongued temptress to dervish, striking with all the deadly precision of a viper.

Whatever her race, Explicitica was slain, her minions scattered, and her treasures taken to serve the will of House Outsider.


Though her origins remain a mystery, Explicitica Defilius was a powerful force for evil in the “Warrens”; the outer realms of the Underdark closest to the Westlaws and their surface entrances. Based from a major temple in the ancient community of Slaveport, her minions were scattered across the nearby region, collecting slaves and treasures for her plot to pull portions of the Shadow Plane into her caverns in the “Darkmire”, known locally as The Hole.

Her minions are presently eliminated or scatters, her cult broken, and her mortal form lies broken in the obsidian earth mote she’d converted into a temple lair, long since pulled back into the Shadow Plane from whence it came. She was known to have collected a wealth of treasures and beings from the surface world, and personally employed a couple powerful relics of obscure origins. Her purposes for these efforts remains unknown, but for whatever reasons, led House Outsider to point the finger of * Journeyman Mage Passara Elventree whereabouts further down the trail to the “Crimson Crown”, the ogre slavers who are believed to serve an even darker power…

Explicitica Defilius

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