Crushbone Orc Tribe

Mercenary Scum of the Orog Caves


The Crushbone Tribe are typical orcish warriors, favouring iron scale armor or hide, shields and the traditional orcish mang; a cross between a falchion and a greataxe. They tend to wander in warbands of six or more, usually fighting companions from the same clutch who have known each other all their lives. In combat, they are fearsome as a single pack, but lose their nerve when reduced to numbers fewer than their targets.

Of all the tribes in the Orog Caverns, the Crushbone Tribe is the least civilized and more bestial of them all.


The Crushbone orc tribe is a mixture of numerous lesser tribes, outcasts and exiles, who have banded together as a unified force, and hire themselves as mercenaries. Nominally under the yolk of the Rageskulls, they have used their vassal status to build a complex culture as mercenary warriors. What few dependents they have are lodged in the Rageskull cave complex, where they offer their services from.

The tribal symbol is a crudely drawn skull being split by an axe, with arrows sprouting from its eyes, typically etched in charcoal on their hide shields and armor.

Crushbone Orc Tribe

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