Chamberlain Aubrae Ribbonbright


The former Thane’s Mistress and a skilled Harper. She is devoted to the Thane, and acts as head of “The Chamber” of the Court. Since she arranges meetings with the Thane and deals with the household staff on a daily basis, she holds great power in the castle beyond her title.

Aubrae has always struggled to enter the “Upper Ring” of local society, and overcome her past as a “companion”. She resides in the Northgate Townhouse with her friend, Malai Krystalwell, and both her and her friend’s children, as well as more than a dozen orphans they’ve rounded-up over the past few years.

Aubrae is accompanied most places by her personal maid, Celebriel, a half-elven woman rescued from a prison deep in the deep passages beneath the Westlaws. Having no knowledge of her origins, she serves meekly and loyally to those who are kind to her, and is a silent terror to those who harm or bother her charges.


Chamberlain Aubrae Ribbonbright

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