Bloodfist Orog Tribe

Vassal Orog Tribe of the Orog Caves


The orog of the Bloodfists are typical to their kin in the * Rageskull Orog Tribe. They tend, however to prefer the use of spears, both for throwing and melee combat. They can only muster a couple warbands in raids before their own strength is depleted.


Led by the fearsome orog warchief Urgash, the Bloodfists are a small band and remain closely allied with their kin in the * Scarshield Orog Tribe. Traditional orog, they have little desire to deal with outsiders, and only gather a warband every-so-often to raid under the aegis of their masters the * Rageskull Orog Tribe, who despite losing the bulk of their warriors due to House Outsider’s actions, remain a strong force to reckon with in the caves.

Politically, they view Garundaryek as their rightful Queen, simply by the right that she has the strength to tell them so. They are traditionalists, however, and do not view a female ruler as a good thing, and could be pushed away from their present arrangement with very little effort…

Bloodfist Orog Tribe

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