Barabalis the Haunted

Cursed Genie of the Ogre's Roost


Barabalis is what he appears to be; a dangerous creature carved from the very Elemental Planes, seeking to find a means to escape his present prison.

Trapped countless centuries ago in the mouldering depths of the Ogre’s Roost, Barabalis seems complacent in his prison, surrounded by numerous Quasits and Imps he has summoned to serve him. His halls are moldy chambers filled with trash his servants have collected over the years, none of it particularly valuable, and most of it outright garbage.

He has since been revealed to be the father of Nari-lana Daerindra, an Underdark courier of some repute.


Summoned to the Ogre’s Roost many centuries ago by a forgotten wizard using the Codex Illyrium, Barabalis was trapped to never leave his chambers for eternity. The wizard soon grew bored of his “guest”, and moved elsewhere, but Barabalis has remained; unchanged, and immortal, through the centuries.

Over time, Barabalis has gone from anger to frustration and finally to resignation in his prison. He has wandered the four chambers of his cell over and over again, and has little hope of ever being freed. To amuse himself, he summons smaller demons to himself (typically quasits or imps), and has his servants capture new and interesting “morsels” to play with; more often than not, they tend to be wandering merchant’s daughters or lone drow scouts.

He knows of a ritual which might free him from his prison, but it requires several rare and difficult to obtain items to succeed. His servants have proven useless in gathering the items, as invariably they get distracted and either don’t return, or they bring back something else that interested them. Should Barabalis gain access to these four items, he’ll be able to free himself once more, and travel into the world at large…

Barabalis the Haunted

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